Top 10 Things NOT to say in front of an ORSE Team...
  by the Crew of the USS JEFFERSON CITY (SSN-759) (Sent by Kendell Hoyer)

  • "It's been that way since I reported aboard."
  • "Look, why don't you listen to someone who actually stands the watch."
  • "That valve isn't leaking much... you should have seen it last week."
  • "Once we dive, the hull presses the pipes together and the leak will stop."
  • "Don't worry, we just put aluminum foil bits in the lube oil sample to test the new guys."
  • "Those gauges were just calibrated last week so I guess the sticker must have just fallen off... it's probably on the deck somewhere."
  • "That's NOT metal particulate... it's just the way the oil catches the fluorescent lights."
  • "Well, that's not what the skipper says."
  • "That alarm? We get it all the time... it's nothing."
  • "I dare you to fail me."

(From ORSE '98)

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