USS Darter SS-227 Still Rests at Bombay Shoal
 Story and photos by Larry Reuter
In the summer of 1965, August I believe, I was stationed on the USS Perch APSS-313.  We were based in Subic Bay. Our skipper was Tom Dyker Jr.

While returning to Subic, we stopped at Bombay Shoal.  We went aboard the remains of the USS Darter, SS-227.  Darter ran aground while doing an "end around" in 1944.

USS Darter (click for larger image) 
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From a distance, you could tell that the wreckage was that of a submarine. Once on board, you could see that everything but the engine blocks had been stripped away. The forward and after rooms were destroyed. But I found several rollers, still free to turn, on a torpedo rack.

The boat had major damage caused by demolition charges and deck guns from other US submarines. You could see the trenches caused by the submarines Dace (SS-247) and Rock (SS-274). They both fired several torpedoes at her. The pot holes caused by explosions were visible in the coral reef.

Many of the Perch crew went aboard her. A lot of photos were taken. The water around Darter was only three to four feet deep.

It was a real thrill to go on board the Darter as she is part of the history of the Submarine Force. In tribute, I left a Perch plaque attached to the remains of the main induction valve prior to leaving the site.

Larry Reuter EN2(SS)
USS Perch APSS-313 (1964-1966)