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History Channel Affiliate of the Month - March 2003

"On the NAUTILUS men's hearts never fail them, No defects to be afraid of, for the double shell is as firm as iron, no rigging to attend to; no sails for the wind to carry away; no boilers to burst; no fire to fear , for the vessel is made of iron, not of wood; no coal to run short, for electricity is the only power; no collision to fear, for it alone swims in deep water; no tempest to brave, for when it dives below the water, it reaches absolute tranquility. That is the perfection of vessels."


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    6JUN2009: Humor section updated: Check it out.
    11APR2009: (British) Submariner's Times, March edition from the Merseyside Branch of the Submariner's Association. Read it here!
    6FEB2009: US Submarine Veterans of WWII site restored on SubmarineSailor.Com US SubVets WWII (thanks to Mike and Cheri Wilson for their years of service and caretaking of this site!)
    17JAN2009: New submarine poetry: We Will Remember Them by George Luck DSM
    21MAR2008: New submarine poetry: On Eternal Patrol by Del "Abe" Jones
    28OCT2007: New WWII submarine book: The Depths of Courage: American Submariners at War with Japan, 1941-1945 Take a look! . The book was written by Flint Whitlock and WWII subvet Ron "Warshot" Smith.
    21AUG2007: New sub fiction from Robert Melley: The Strait .
    18APR2007: Another USS Growler story by Eugene Mazza: The Sixth War Patrol.
    25FEB2007: New sea story: A Field Day to Remember.
    24FEB2007: New additions to the Quotes page.
    4FEB2007: New USS Tautog reserve era photos added to the Reserve Boats pages.
    26NOV2006: New submarine BBS format goes online: BottomGun BBS
    22NOV2006: New song lyrics "Untitled" by Gary Gard just posted.
    11NOV2006: New poem "The Boat" by James Roan.
    22JUL2006: Frank Toon's USS Blenny website is now hosted on SubmarineSailor.Com - welcome aboard Frank!
    4JUL2006: USS Growler SS-215 launching bottle photos from the Ghormley family.
    26JUN2006: New book - Power Shift - by Dan Gillcrist about the Navy's shift from diesel to nuclear power.

    23JUN2006: New book - Of Ice and Steel - by D. Clayton Meadows

    16APR2006: New poem - Once Upon A Time - by Richard Murphy
    23MAR2006: New book: In The Same Boat by Darren Baker

    The DBF Pin - an essay.
    15JAN2006: New book: US Submarines 1941-45 by Jim Christley

    15JAN2006: New book: Silent Steel:The Mysterious Death of the Nuclear Attack Sub USS Scorpion by Stephen Johnson

    1JAN2006: New story: Cycling Vents by Vern Waldrip
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