USS Razorback SS-394

In 1970 following 26 years serving the US Navy, USS Razorback was transferred to the Turkish navy, her new name being Murat Reis.  For another 31 years she faithfully served in the Turkish Navy, finally being decommissioned late in 1991.
Len Schutt (ex-Ronquil) is now a member of USSVI Seattle Base but he was not yet a member when he walked into Seattle Base Vice Cdr. Bob Opple's office at NC Machinery this spring, noted the portrait of Razorback behind Bob's desk and told Bob he had been on Razorback/Murat Reis a couple of months previously.
Bob wondered out loud if the Turks might sell her and Len said he knew a couple of retired Turkish officers that might be able to help...
Bob contacted Razorback Base in Arkansas and asked, "Ya wanna get a submarine?"  One thing led to another and after a lot of behind the scenes work by a great number of committed Subvets and Arkansas politicians, the Mayor of North Little Rock flew to Turkey and 'got the keys' to the Murat Reis.
The "Save The Razorback" committee and the Mayor certainly owe Leonard, Bob and the retired Turkish Captains a debt of gratitude as Razorback would not be coming home were it not for their gestational participation in the process.
Bob especially deserves great credit for grasping the opportunity presented and making things happen that ultimately led to the acquisition of Razorback.  There are many others that also have made important contributions to the success, but nothing would have ever happened were it not for the initial actions of the above mentioned gentlemen.
I'm sure I speak for all Subvets when I say, BZ shipmates!  You guys really did us proud!

- Pat Householder, Cdr., Seattle Base

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Murat Reis tied up at Golcuk Sub Base in Turkey

Conning tower