The Russell Fish


The Sub Base at Groton is the start of this story.

When this sub cast off her lines, she was not looking for glory.

The name Richard B. Russell, the boat wore with pride.

She was the last of the Sturgeons, neath the waves she did hide.


Many trips down the river, she would put out to sea.

To the submarine force, she was the old "Dickey B."

She did her job well, the Cold War was no game.

Her missions Top Secret, the "Silent Service" her fame.


She has been to the Med. and northern runs too.

Then went to Mare Island, with her qualified crew.

Liberty in Vallejo, the "Horse and Cow" was a must.

When a sailor tacks on his fish, he earns the crew’s trust.


She has crossed the Pacific, running silent and deep.

Paid homage at Pearl, always earning her keep.

So tip a cold "San Miguel" to the Six Eighty Seven.

God Speed to all submariners, here on earth and in heaven.


By John Chaffey 687, 639, 619

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