Neptunus Rex is on watch, a sub is at sea,

her sailors a vigil to keep.

For freedom’s not free, it must be defended,

submariners have pride that runs deep.

They glide through the ocean, heading for westpac,

men with Dolphins pinned on their chest.

Liberty in Thailand, Subic and Chinhae,

but Australia is always the best.

They work hard they play hard, these men of the sea,

their lives are in each others hands.

One day they’ll return, saluting Battleship Row,

and the blood in Pearl Harbor sands.

by John I. Chaffey

SSBN619, SSN687, SSN639


They that go down to the sea in ships,
That do business in great waters;
These see the works of the Lord,
and his wonders in the deep.

Psalm 107

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