Written for the Submarine Veterans of World War II


WE KNOW......

Your numbers are dwindling,

but before you go.

Every sailor wearing dolphins,

wants you to know.

That you have passed down a heritage,

of honor and pride.

We know of the boats,

and submariners who died.

We know of the deeds,

of you World War II men.

We know of the bravery,

in the Combat Patrol Pin.

We know you endured,

the "gut wrenching" fears.

We know of your courage,

we know of your tears.

We know the meaning,

to the tolling of the bell.

We know you have spent,

your time in hell.

When we travel to Groton,

to visit the wall.

We promise to "walk softly,"

we promise to stand tall.

So when your final orders are cut,

and you slip out to sea.

Remember this shipmates,

we will not forget thee.


By John Chaffey SSN639, SSN687, SSBN619

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