Marriott Pavilion Hotel, St. Louis

(email received in May, 2002)

Greetings from St. Louis!

As a Veteran of the United States Navy (HM1), let me say that it would be an honor for the Marriott Pavilion Hotel to have the opportunity to host any Submarine Reunion. The entire staff and I thoroughly enjoy having military reunions visit with us but we never get to see enough of them.

St. Louis is a perfect location for a reunion. It's central location is convenient and affordable for all reunion attendees. The Marriott Pavilion Hotel is accessible by all major highways and we are located next to Busch Stadium (Home of the St. Louis Cardinals). St. Louis has much to offer to all walks of life. Whether its the local attractions, historical sights, the Botanical Gardens (rated number 2 in the world behind the Kew Gardens in London) and the wide variety of foods to choose from, St. Louis is the best of the best!

I could have attached a fancy web site to promote our hotel, but feel that words deliver a truer message. If I can be of any assistance to your organization, please let me know.

In closing, it would be an extreme privilege for us to be able "To serve those, that have served us so faithfully in the past."

Best Regards,

Bob Frierdich
Business Travel/Group Sales Manager
Marriott Pavilion St. Louis
314-331-9269 fax


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