Bad Bubble !
   by John Schneider MM3/SS '91-'93

I was stationed aboard the USS Ray (SSN 653). I was in the control standing next to the helmsman. The DO was turned around talking to the OOD. The helmsman was doing a great job of staying on course, but managed to get 70' deep off of ordered depth. The planesman was doing a great job with the bubble. 

I didn't want to see the helm get into trouble, he was a good friend of mine. I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at the depth indicator. He began to tap on the wheel as not to attract attention. Slowly we started to climb. He managed to get it back to about 15' off depth when the DO turned around. 

The DO nearly came out of his seat, "WHAT'S THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Without skipping a beat the helmsman turned to the planesman and said, "GOD #$^%&*, YOU BUBBLE #$#*&^ ME!!!" The DO then unleased on the planesman. 

I had to leave the control room I was laughing so hard.

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