"Banana Boat"
   by Ralph Mantela FTG2(SS)

While standing the IC Watch in the Control Room of the USS Grouper(AGSS214) in the mid 1960's I overheard the following conversation. The Captain ordered the Diving Officer to prepare to snorkel. When ordered, the COW

passed the word "Rig the Boat for Snorkel" over the 1MC. A few minutes later Enginemen Chief Al Sharp requested an "up-bubble" (over the 7MC) so they could drain the main induction. The COW replied "Engine room, Conn you have a 5 degree up-bubble". A few minutes later the Chief Sharp (again) requested an "UP-BUBBLE" so they could drain the main induction!

And again the COW replied "ENGINE ROOM, CONN... YOU HAVE A 5 DEGREE UP-BUBBLE! A few seconds later Al Sharp replied "Well Conn, EB must have sold the Navy a banana instead of a boat because we still have a 5 degree down-bubble back here in the engine room!"


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