Bergall Greeting
   by SK3 Pat Murphy, 4/69 - 10/72

I reported to the Bergall while she was in wet dock at EB in 1969 - a few months before her commissioning. 

I was a seaman apprentice right out of sub school and I remember dropping/carrying my seabag down the ladder to the crew' mess. They were in the middle of the evening movie. 

One of the crew members (he might have been Wayne Ferris) asked who I was and I said "Murphy". He said, "Hi. What's your first name?" 

"Pat" I replied, which was immediately followed by a loud "FUCK YOU, PAT!" from the whole crew's mess. 

That was my "welcome aboard". This became the standard greeting for the new guys on the Bergall.

-- submitted by Mike Brood

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