Big Red
Brad Hale, STS2(SS), USS Sam Rayburn SSBN 635 Blue Crew
As a junior sonar watch stander sometime around 1975, I happened to be assigned to the same section as our newly acquired senior chief. During watch one day he told me "Hale, go down to the goat locker and tell the doc to come up here". 

So, off I went to get the corpsman. When he arrived in the sonar shack the senior chief dropped his pants and presented his "member" for the doc's inspection. "Com'ere and take a look at Big Red" he said. The doc did and after a minute or two declared that it looked fine. A couple of watches later the chief turned to me once again to go get the doc. The same odd routine followed. 

A day or two later the exercise was repeated a third time. After this visual inspection the corpsman said "you know senior chief, there is nothing wrong with your penis." 

"Wrong?!" exclaimed the chief, "I never said there was anything wrong - I just wanted you to see Big Red - ain't it a beaut?"

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