"Blind Surface"
   by Ron Robinson, RM3

August 1966
USS Chopper SS342
Out of Key West on daily Ops and training for Sonar School with Destroyers out of Mayport.

I was standing Helm watch, when the Skipper decided to have an unexpected drill. Draining a cup of water from the Periscope Mast, he proceeded to order the boat to surface. 

While preparations were being made to surface in the Control Room he emptied the cup of water on the diving officer (LTJG Madaglia) and "called" a collision. The lower Conning Tower Hatch was immediatley secured and the SOP for collission on surfacing was commenced. This was to hold the surface, make a sonar sweep, attempt to raise personnel in the Conning Tower and then to make a "Blind" Surface. The control room called several times on the sound powered phone and I was instructed by the CO not to answer, finally the diving officer came on the circuit and said "Robbie I know you are there now answer me, or I will see you in the Brig." 

On relating this message to the CO, I was instructed to answer "Control, Conn, Blub Blub."

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