Capt. Ted Lewin's Missing Stateroom Door
   by Tony Miller MM3 A-gang SSBN611[b]  

If my feeble memory serves me correctly, it was about 1972 aboard USS John Marshall.  The old man decided music in all spaces was unsat. Then, much to the crews aggravation, he had all speakers connected to MCC removed from all but O's country, the galley and berthing.  

In holy retribution A-Gang removed his stateroom door and TDU'd it to sea,

Ahhh, to see the old man in his boxers to and from the galley, control and berthing.  He was overheard to say, "where could they hide a door on a submarine?!"  

Never underestimate an A-Ganger, a devious lot at best. But you could and did trust them with your life. God bless us all, sub vets!  

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