The Captain's Shoes!
   by Thomas F. Combs-Francis

(...while on board the USS FLORIDA SSBN 728)

During sea trials before commissioning, the DPER's computers went down hard. All the DS's were trying to get the system back up and we were rolling around on the surface real bad. I had a memory module in my arms getting ready to install it when the pork lunch we had an hour before started retracing its steps.

Not wanting to do the computer in, I threw the memory module to one of fellow DS's and put my hands to mouth to try to hold back lunch. Capt. Powell was standing next to me and as I tried to stop a small hole developed between my fingers. The Captain's shoes saved the deck from getting messed up and I ran the the nearest head.

After getting cleaned up I was setting outside DPER's and Capt. Powell came out of his stateroom and commented on my color of green and how well I looked with it. I request that he take one of the 45's and end my suffering but he declined.

I still remember all the ribbing that I took from that day on

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