Doghouse Overboard
   by Virgil Reed RMCM(SS) Ret.

It was about 1961 and I was an RM2(SS) on below decks watch on USS Cobbler SS344 which was tied up at DES-SUB piers in Norfolk, Va. It was winter time, a cold and rainy night, with strong gusts of wind at times. 

About 10:30 p.m., the topside watch called down on the intercom and asked if I could get someone to relieve him while he changed clothes, as he was soaking wet. A relief was provided, and then the full story unfolded. 

The topside watch was inside the little doghouse, which was provided on deck to house the sentry during inclement weather and still provide good visibility, when a strong gust of wind took the doghouse, the topside watch still inside, and blew it over the side. Not a person on board or on the pier witnessed the incident and the sentry was a very lucky person to have been able to exit the doghouse in the water, and climb back aboard, especially so, since he had on heavy foul weather clothing. 

I cannot remember the persons name that was the topside watch at the time but if he reads this, I'm sure it will bring back memories.

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