The Joke's on the COB
Casey Webb, YN2(SS), USS Batfish 1997-99
When I was on the USS BATFISH, our COB was ETCS Moulding. One day, I was the messenger and I brought the fathometer watch a cup of iced tea. Now, everyone who's been on a 637 with the curtain closed around the conn knows that in order to pass a drink to the fathometer watch, you either have to give it to the Dive, or pass in front of him. I asked the COB to hand the fathometer watch (Guenther) his tea. 

The COB takes it and gives me a mischievous little look. He hands it to Guenther and watches as he takes the first sip. The COB then says, "So, Guenther, how do my n#*s taste?"

Without so much as a pause Guenther proceeds to say, "Like the XO's a%$, COB." The COB was completely speechless.

Sorry, about that COB. At least I waited until you were retired.

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