Lost Stanchion
   by Brad Hale, STS2(SS), USS Sam Rayburn (B)

While outbound from Holy Loch on the Sam Rayburn, we were getting ready to  dive the boat. We had been on the surface for a number of hours and it was cold and raining and getting pretty rough. During the course of getting the bridge rigged for dive, one of the cold and fatigued lookouts dropped a lifeline stanchion right down the trunk.

It came down with a mighty "bang", bounced off the beartrap, over the diving offer and finally came to rest on the conn. The OOD called down on the 27MC and said "Chief of the watch - officer of the deck. We've just lost one of our stanchions" 

The COW thinking quickly, picked up the mic, keyed it, and said, "Ahh Bridge - Chief of the watch - Yes sir -I think we found it!"

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