"Midwatch Streak"
   by STS2(SS) E. Pike

Returning from the Med aboard the Albuquerque, the mid watches in the sonar shack seamed to get longer each night. One morning two STs dared each other to show up for their next mid watch in a newly designed uniform. 

That midnight, when STS2 J.A. showed up in his poopie suit as normal we expected the bet was off. However, after the rest of the section had been relieved, newly qualified STS3 S.M. appeared at the forward door of the shack wearing topsider shoes and his TLD clipped to a navy issue belt, and nothing else. 

STS1 J.K. quickly gave him orders to go to the fathometer and get a sounding. Without hesitation the young ST entered control asked the OOD for permission to cross the Con. Permission was granted with a slight pause, and S.M. went to the fathometer. 

A dull chuckle from the QMOW, FTOW and OOD caused the COW to turn around. Seeing the naked sailor FTC (wound to tight) immediately began quoting regulations to prove he had been at sea far to long. The OOD asked S.M. if he was wearing his TLD (It protects you from the reactor, really it does) then told the COW to skip it as we could all use a laugh. 

STS2SS E. Pike

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