"McGuiver's Bomb"
   by Randall White

This story is as true as it gets - it almost cost me my crow and earned me the nickname McGuiver....

As a member of the commissioning crew of the USS Maryland SSBN 738...

We were so blessed with all the initial inspections in one patrol. As such we also had several riders onboard such as Group Ten Staff and Group Ten himself.

Well we we making preps for an NTPI and were in the middle of a drill involving an exploded bomb. I was on watch in the torpedo room when two new seamen came in to do a search of the area for suspicious objects. 

They looked confused and asked me what were they supposed to be looking for so being the inventive second class petty officer I was, I made a crude drill prop (bomb) using two flashlights, wire and a watch.

The two seamen thought it was cool looking and as I turned to get the snips to break it apart they took it out of the torpedo room to show others. But as they got to the top of the ladder and realized their mistake, they promptly disposed of the device in the outboards. Someone on the next level up saw them hide the device and called away another bomb.

To say the least, we played hell with egg on our faces but the Captain and Group Ten saw the humor in what happened so we did our little pucker and moved on a little smarter .

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