Elmer C. Williamson, YNC(SS) Ret.
An interesting true story while on the USS REMORA on a patrol up north (pacific) in 1967.  The quartermaster on the watch called down to the diving officer (a young know it all, gullible, LTJG)  that the boat was passing the island of NAGA.  

The diving officer wanted to know what was special about the island of NAGA. The quartermaster of the watch replied, "Sir" the island of NAGA is where the animals called NAGAs live.  From these animals is where we get the material called "Nagahyde," the material used in the making of furniture covers and such, there are really a fascinating animal.  

This really set the interest of the LTJG spinning. He called the Captain (who was taking a well deserved nap in his stateroom)  "Captain!," called the diving officer, "we are approaching the island of NAGA. Request permission to come to periscope depth in order to photograph the NAGAs that occupy the island."

Need I say more how the Captain responded. I think he was ready to make ready a torpedo tube for live shoot and he was not planning on using a torpedo.

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