Goofus and the Sanitary Blow
   by Gordon Zeine STS3

In 1970 onboard the USS Trutta (SS 421) in Key West as I was just about to go to sleep in a real rack. Being a non-qual it was great to get a rack, in the after room no less. An engine man who we called Goofus need to make a trip to the head. He new better than to do what he did but it was late and he was tired. They where blowing sanitaries. Guess what he did. As I lay in the rack the boat literally rattled and rumbled as # 2 sanitary emptied on to Goofus. 

Goofus had a beard. If you can imagine what he looked like. He went topside were a young crewmen and is girl friend or wife (can't remember which) sat on the pier. Goofus came out of the after battery hatch looking like something out of a horror movie. Raised his arms growled, his beard full of everything including TP and dove overboard leaving a trail of mung behind him. A real vapor trail and dark trail in the clear water was left behind. 

The girl was a little startled to say the least. What an aroma was left behind. 

Gordon Zeine STS 3

Dave's followup to the above story:

Not a problem with the story.  The screw up in the whole deal was the Aux gang forgot to tag out the LP air and left it as if it were operable.  I was an engineman in the FER.  PS John Crespo who was a real good friend and a part of this story died of brain cancer about seven years ago.  He lived in Dallas.   

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