Pig In The Wardroom
by James (Pudgy) Cole, RM2(SS), USS Daniel Boone, SSBN 629 Gold
After the midnight movie several of us congregated in the torpedo room for a bull session. After about 30 minutes of telling stories we all became hungry and headed for the Galley to see what was available to eat.

Finding 3 large pineapple upside down cakes cooling on the counter we proceeded to eat the entire middle out of one of the sheet cakes. Realizing we were probably going to catch hell from the cooks, who were doing the break out for the next day, one of our co-hearts in crime a steward named McDonald went to the Wardroom and got an officers knife from their pantry. He swirled it around in the cake and then replaced in the pantry. We all left and heard nothing of the missing cake until the next night.

In the Wardroom that night for the evening meal the supply officer Mr. Oakeroski made a speech stating "Seeing as how we have a pig in the wardroom, the wardroom will not have dessert this evening. We will not make the crew suffer due to an officers indiscretion."

The Captain being a little miffed asked McDonald the steward to find out who ate the cake.

McDonald told us all the story and we decided to wait a couple of days to tell the Captain that Mr. Oakeroski was the culprit. He never did figure out why he had to eat with crew for the rest of the patrol.
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