Secure Pumping!
Tim Wollenslegel, MM3(SS), USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN-730 Gold
Standing the evening watch as the Aux Fwd (auxiliary forward) I was instructed to pump forward sanitaries overboard. As I was aligning valves from my memory, not my O.I (operation instruction).  

I had to pump sanitaries from 3 sanitary tanks to another tank and then isolate that tank , pressurize it and than open the discharge valve to blow it overboard. Well as it seems I forgot to read to tank level of the hard tank as I was transferring the human waste to it. 

Suddenly I heard the 1MC shout "secure pumping!!" 

In a panic, I ran down to the sanitary pump to open my O.I. and shut the system down. Down the ladder came a 1st Class shouting at me. I went up a level to assess the damage. 

It seems that the damage was contained to the Goat Locker (Chiefs Quarters) it overflowed from the sanitary tank and soaked most of the CPO's quarters bunks, bunk pans with what we so fondly called "wrinkle necked trout." 

I was the most popular guy on board, both loved and hated.

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