Shark Watch!
   by MM1/SS Dillmann, USS Maryland SSBN-738, 1995-99 Gold Crew

Once, on a swim call, we had a rather jovial TM2 standing watch in the sail with an M-16 for sharks. The CO at the time was, how do you say it properly, not a very "fun" man and had no time for jokes.
This is how the conversation went:
CO : So Petty Officer, If you were to have to shoot at a shark from here, do you think it would 
        even penetrate the water and actually stop the shark?
TM2 : (In his most sincere voice and demeanor) Shark? I'm supposed to shoot the shark? I thought I
          was supposed to shoot the slowest crew member swimming back to the boat. Sacrifice the
          one for the many, sir. Sir?
CO :  (Without so much as a flinch of any of the muscles required to smile, the CO stared at the
         TM2, finally broke the gaze and departed.)
Come to think of it, the CO never smiled. Coincidentally though, the TM2 never stood watch in the sail with an M-16 during swim call again after that.

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