Shore Power... Not!
   by ET-1/SS John (JJ) Verbillis, USS Flying Fish SSN-673

When the UstaFish was in La Mad in late '77, we had the Skipjack tie up outboard of us. We were both connected to the "Muse Plant," for shore power. There was a common sound-powered phone system connecting both boats to the Muse Plant Operator, who was an Italian civilian with limited command of the English language. (Can you see the possibilities for some bored Nukes here?)

Sure enough, about 0200 we got on the phone and passed the following communication: "Muse Plant, Skeeepjack, we dooon need no mo showpower" 

The Skipjack never did figure out why they lost shore power that night. or the next, or the night after that, etc.

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