Setting Clocks to the Second!
   by Chet Johnson IC2(SS)

On the USS Trepang SSN-674, I was an IC2/SS and we had a new QM report to the boat. I was standing Below Decks watch.

The new QM was tasked with setting the clocks. He was told to take the stop watch and a 3 by 5 card and go set all the clocks to the same time.

Any one knows you start the stop watch write down the time and when you get to the next clock add the time from the 3 by 5 to the stop watch time and set the clock.

As I was making my rounds (which was the same route he made) I began to notice I was making a usual 15 minute round in about 3 minutes.

I then compared the clock on the wall in diesel to my wrist watch and I was off by over 30 minutes!

I woke up the QM and had him check the clocks and that's when we found out he didn't add the time from the stop watch he just set all the clocks to the time on the 3 by 5 card!

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