Watch "Relief" !
  by Jason Spencer, USS Puffer SSN-652, 1989-1994
One night back in the early 1990's, I was standing the topside watch aboard the USS PUFFER SSN 652 while we were dry docked in San Diego.

Since our duty section was short handed, most of us were standing 6 hour watches. After several hours of being on watch, all the iced tea and had been drinking had finally caught up to me. So I started clicking the 1MC twice. This was signal on our boat to the Below
Decks Watch to come topside. Hopefully he could wake someone to give me a quick break. Time went by without any response from the Below Decks, but at 4AM the Duty Officer came topside for his tour of the boat and the drkdock. I told him of my situation to which he
responded, "You can make it another 2 hours. If anyone needs me I will be in the drydock." And with that, off he went down into the dock.

Finally, I couldnt take in any longer. I ducked behind the sail on the port side and sent a golden stream along side the hull down into the dock. With much relief I resumed my watch.

Then the Duty Officer appeared back from the drydock basin. I had completely forgot he had went down there! He promptly went to the area I took a leak from along the port side and began to survey the area. I strolled up to him and asked what he was searching for. "Im looking for the source of that water that was dripping on me." he said. I promptly did an about face before my grin gave me away.

STS2/SS Jason Spencer
1989 to 1994

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