The XO's Missing Door
   by Michael G. Price, MMC(SS), SSBN-623B

I have to admit I cannot take credit for this. Circa 1978 SSBN-623B Nathan Hale. Somewhere in the North Atlantic.

Midget decided it would be a really cool idea to steal the XO's stateroom door. It was about 7 weeks into the patrol and we were getting pretty bored. Field day was going to start in about an hour and the XO had gone to radio to review the traffic. Midget knew his pattern. He would be there about 30 minutes. 

Accompanied by two other "A gang" accomplices, the deed was done. They carried the door right through the control room and aft into the missile house. Everybody on the boat including the CO (I suspect) knew where the door was. Just not the XO. 

For the next several weeks the XO did very personal field day inspections. The door was never found. We turned it over to the gold crew when they came aboard and on our next patrol it was safely returned.

XO, if you read this stuff, it was hidden outboard of the missile house berthing. You know, behind the nuke lab. Game set and match.

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