"Yellow Coveralls"
   by Ken Hartung, MMC(SS), USN, RET

As a young and dumb FN aboard the Snook in PSA, Mare Island, I was assigned to spray paint the engine room bilges under the direction of an "old salt" 1st class. After stealing the paint from the yard, we needed coveralls that we could throw away when we were done. Not having any funds to buy such things, the 1st left the area and came back with some coveralls that we really put to use.

We worked all night long and by 0645 we were done and proceeded to leave the boat headed for the barracks. The yardbirds seeing us stopped dead in their tracks and they all headed the other way, off the boat and across the brow.

We didn't think we looked that bad until someone on the pier stopped us and told us to wait for the rad control team. What for we asked? It seems as if the "coveralls" we had acquired were in fact anti-C's and all the birds thought that we were hot. Did we get in the deep dark or what?


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