No Cover and a Seagull Overhead
   by Stan Jones SKC(SS) Ret.

I was cross the tender, heading for the T-Shed to pick up parts, when I was stopped by the Quarterdeck watch and issued a 'speeding ticket' for needing a haircut. I continued my journey and once I stepped out on the brow, a low flying seagull decided to make a deposit on top of my head before I could get my cover on!

Being the diligent SK, I made a rapid trip to the T-Shed and grabbed the most urgent material before returning onboard, only to find out the XO wanted to see me, PRONTO!

Once I got cleaned up, I presented myself to the XO, whose opening line was, "I want to know why you let that seagull jump his turn in line!"

Story occurred in 1979 on USS M. G. VALLEJO, SSBN658(B), outboard USS HUNLEY (AS19), I think. 

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