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Welcome to Scuttlebutt Archives - 1999
This is a compilation of Scuttlebutt notices from 1999.  Due to the historical nature, many of the links may no longer work.  Please do not report broken links (on this page) as it is expected - thanks.
An M1 article on the BBC

Update on Deterrent Park

Have you visited the Submarine Centennial Site?

Smithsonian Exhibit on Submarines Coming!
A submarine exhibition entitled "Fast Attacks and Boomers" is scheduled to open at the National Museum of American History during April 2000. The precise date as well as the closing date have not yet been determined. Stay tuned. (More news...)

Wanna Buy a Russian Submarine?
The Juliet-class U-404 is for sale.

Poetic Tributes to Submariners

Check out the NSSN

H.M. Submarine E2
One of the more interesting, yet brief, sites we've come across in awhile.

The New Seawolf in Popular Mechanics

Seawolf - Submerged torpedo shot!

The Confederate Navy sunk the USS Housitonic off of Charleston, SC during the Civil War

How to "mix" a depth charge

Speaking of depth charges, check out the Canadian version.

Life on a Submarine - The NOVA Channel

Mark 48 Breaks Torrens back
See the awesome power of a Mark 48 war-shot torpedo fired at the hulk of the old destroyer-escort, TORRENS.

Ballard to Search for Wahoo?
National Geographic has hired Dr. Robert Ballard (of Titanic fame) to find the Yorktown.  Some are expressing interest in a search for the Wahoo (SS-238). Visit the Wahoo site for details.

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