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Welcome to Scuttlebutt Archives - 2001
This is a compilation of Scuttlebutt notices from 2001.  Due to the historical nature, many of the links may no longer work.  Please do not report broken links (on this page) as it is expected - thanks.

Ham Radio Operator?  Join your fellow submariners on the air! Tune up on 20 meters and dial up 14.243 every day except Sunday at 1500 to 1700 Zulu. WA3KEY's site may also be of interest to hams/submariners.

USS Trout needs your help.

Tommy Cox's music CD "Take Her Deep"  

Requiem for a Lady: A tribute by Fred Tredy STS2(SS)

Larry Reuters photos of the USS Darter on Bombay Shoal.

Paul Crozier's Wahoo site  (Legends of the Deep) does it again with another uniquely interesting issue of their Wahoo Gazette. This issue includes the recently discovered wartime diary of MoMM1c John Clary (made available by his son Gilbert). As the Gazette states, such diaries were strictly prohibited at the time but many sailors kept one just the same - and from these, we have a seen rare glimpses into the war from the perspective of the enlisted man.)

US Sub sinks Japanese fishing vessel:
2/9/2001: The USS Greeneville SSN-772 reportedly struck the Ehime Maru, a 180-foot boat from a vocational fisheries high school in southwestern Japan, while surfacing.
CNN story - MSNBC - FOX - SSN772 website

Plan a vacation around a famous wartime site?

American Geophysical Union press release on the Kursk forensic seismology study.

An interesting story from the Central Naval Museum in Russia on the Kursk trajedy.

History Channel four-part series on the "Silent Service"  
The series has gone by now, we'll keep our scope up to see when it's next shown.
Here are direct links to submarine videos on the History Channel website.

Collision at Sea: Larry Carpenter's story and photos on the collision between the Blackfin and the Bainbridge.

The 4th Annual Most Bash is looking for parade volunteers: Details

Classic Silent Service episodes  

New Submarine Book: US Submarines in World War II
The following is information from Chris Wyatt of Navigator Publishing.

"In this remarkable book, unique maps, photos, and drawings bring to life the extrarordinary American submarine campaign of World War II. From Pearl Harbor to the surrender at Tokyo Bay, a periscope's view of the patrols, the losses, and the battles that broke the Japanese Empire and gave the United States the greatest naval victory in history."

Paperback 8.5 x 11 inches, 160 pages, over 250 illustrations.
$19.95 + 4.00 shipping and handling

Available from:
Navigator Publishing
PO Box 1289Kingston, WA 98346

(360) 297-8718 (10-5pm Pacific Time)

See Jim Santos' growing collection of historical submarine photos and other images.

WWII Memorial granted final approval! Details. One of our own, Dex Armstrong was invited.  Story (hopefully) to follow.

Quick search for submarine books on

Both Steven Waterman's (website) and Claude Connor's (email) books (currently featured at left) are available direct from the authors.

Seattle SubVets get open-arms welcome aboard on the USS Olympia, SSN-717.

Many new stories added this month (October) in the humor section.

The submarine community lost an old friend recently, Tom "Old Gringo" Parks.  Visit this tribute to him and his website now permanently preserved by his family.

ABC News Article: Navy Subs Help Study Artic Ocean Waters.

For the DBF'rs among us: Visit John Przybyla's site for some enjoyable sea stories and reflections.

New USSVI Bases In California and Arkansas:

  • Fresno
    USSVI Wahoo Base starting up in Fresno to cover central California. Contact Cliff Smith 
  • Little Rock
    We are presently starting up a USSVI Base here in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. All hands interested in becoming a part of this effort please contact Bruce Lipe   or Carl Schmidt.

Russian Submarine "Kursk" : All Hands Lost  
"Sailors, Rest Your Oars"

Info on where to donate to the Kursk familes - Moscow Times

Israeli Memorial page - nicely done!

Hunley Recovery Photos by Dennis Jones, captioned by Jeff Hellman

Photographic coverage of the funeral services for Captain Joe Enright - by Mike Klein.

Fallen Hero: Farewell to Captain Joseph Enright. Skipper of the USS Archerfish SS/AGSS-311, Enright sank the Shinano, the largest Japanese ship of the time. Sailor, rest your oar.

New Submarine BBS added. To see the whole list, click here and click the checkbox for "Message Boards"

See Neal Steven's photos taken during filming of a 4-hour submarine documentary to be shown on the History Channel.  Darryl Rehr and his crew interviewed WWII officers in Texas (in Cavalla country...).

Visit this excellent site on the submarine H.L. Hunley

U-571 Movie: Reviewed by Gregg L. Snazza (JOCS).

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