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Welcome to Scuttlebutt Archives - 2000
This is a compilation of Scuttlebutt notices from 2000.  Due to the historical nature, many of the links may no longer work.  Please do not report broken links (on this page) as it is expected - thanks.

USS L. MENDEL RIVERS (SSN 686), last of the Sturgeon (637) class submarines was inactivated in a ceremony in Norfolk, VA, Friday, July 28, 2000. Her first Commanding Officer, CAPT Roderick Wolfe, USN(ret), was the guest speaker and her first Engineering Officer, now Admiral Richard W. Mies, Commander in Chief, U.S. Strategic Command, was the principal speaker.

Nine of the ten Commanding Officers she's had over her 25 year life span were in attendance as well as a large contingent of former crewmembers.

RIVERS will depart Norfolk in the fall for an 'under ice' excursion to the Pacific and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for decommissioning.

Photos of the ceremony

The Lone Sailor Memorial - Check out this worthy effort.

USS Bancroft Exhibit at St Mary's.

SUBLANT change of command: Story, photos by John Donaldson and JOCS(SW) Gregg L. Snaza and a related story on the USS Maryland (the platform for the ceremony).

University of Akron students "build a submarine."

David Palagyi's photos from the Submarine Centennial display at the San Diego Maritime Museum

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Fine articles Sam Dealy , Howard Gilmore, Dick O'Kane, Eugene Fluckey, George Street and Red Ramage can be found on the Undersea Warfare site.

Here's a "must see!"  The Australian War Memorial.  Their searchable photo database is simply incredible (I searched for "submarine" and got a list of over 1,300 photos.)

The submarine book, video and DVD list  updated 6/4/2000.

International Naval Review 

Remembering the Scorpion

The sinking of the Shokaku

An interesting look at NR-1

Check out John Eckard's James Monroe photos. With over 400 photos, it's the largest personal photo collection I've seen on line.

Visit Johan Heiszwolf's unique and interesting site. A non-submariner but avid submarine enthusiast and modeler, Johan is building a working/diving model of the Dutch Walrus Class boat. He also has plans on a variety of other boats and a submarine photo tour.

City of Cincinatti looking at turning the 693 into a waterfront museum.

Undersea Warfare's article on the retirement of the oldest active duty WWII combat veteran.

Visit an excellent photo tour of the Russian Foxtrot (B-427) on display in Long Beach.

Check out Teacher Oz for exceptionally complete war history.

Visit Tommy Duncan's USS Proteus page for unique photos and other images - I really enjoyed this one! Of course, also visit !

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