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Veterans Day Parade 2002 - Auburn Washington

"The Saturday Auburn Veterans parade was a big success and was dry in spite of the threatening skies.

A total of 38 participants including members of Bremerton Base, South Sound Base, Seattle Base, Sub Vets WWII, Subvet wives and a color guard of Sea Scouts.

Three cars and the float participated in the parade.

The klaxon donated by Seattle Base worked it's magic on the crowd and we handed out beaucoup subvet buttons to the crowd's delight.

Some participants included (apologies to those I've overlooked) Jim Foote, Bill Hipp, Don Bassler, John Mansfield, Charles Quimby, Don Smith, Ray Stewart, Kenneth Board, George Debo, Eugene Posel, Horton Smith, Jim Marr, John Baker, Karl Krompholz, Peter McCafferty, Ric Hedman, Bob Opple, Robert Robertson, Roger Bauer, Theodore Taylor, Tim Floresch, Doug Abramson, Jim Harper, Jon Jolly, Charlie Ryan, Jim Hefner, Pat Stevens, Pat Householder.

The ladies included Jo Baker, Joanne Foote, Loma Taylor and Terry Robertson."

-- Pat Householder

Other photos: Don Bassler, Bremerton Base

Charles Quimby, John Mansfield, Tim Floresch

Doug Abramson's Beauty

Jim Harper and Doug Abramson

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