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    Dolphin History
Suggest a link for Dolphin History
   Canadian Dolphins
   GE Flynn Website
   Nelson Institute of Marine Res
   Royal Australian Navy
   SUBSIM Review
   The Goat Locker
   US Navy1y.
   US Sub Vets
Suggest a link for Education
   Dolphin Scholarship Fund
   Fast Attacks and Boomers - Smi
   Naval Terminology / Slang
   Navy Advancement Study Guide
   Navy Storekeeper . Com
   NOVA Channel: Life on a Submar
   PBS/NOVA - 400 Years of Submar
   Univ. of Washington Human Powe
   US Navy educational piece on t
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   All Hands - US Navy
   American Submariner Online Magazine
   More links from Military Analy
   Naval Undersea Warfare Magazin
   The Dolphin News
    Memorials - Submarines/Naval
Suggest a link for Memorials - Submarines/Naval
   Deterrant Park
   HMS Sidon Loss
   HMS Sidon Loss (2)
   Kursk K-141
   Lone Sailor Memorial
   U-boat Memorial
   US Navy Memorial Foundation
   US Navy Memorial, Wash DC
   USS Thresher SSN 593
   USSVI Memorial Buildings and S
   USSVI Submarine Memorials List
    Message Boards
Suggest a link for Message Boards
   Bottomgun BBS (SubmarineSailor.com)
   CAUSS Forum by Don Merrigan
   Dutch/Netherlands Submarine Fo
   HNSA Sub Club
   ICQ List by Kevin Owen
   Lewis and Clark SSBN 644 Messa
   NavyVets.com Blog
   Ron Martini's BBS
   Scamp 588 Message Board
   Submarine Sailors Message Boar
   Submarine Store - Bulletin Boa
   Submariners Playground BBS hos
   The Submarine Forces
   US Sub Vets of WWII - BBS
   USS Archerfish BBS
   USS Euryale (AS-22) Message Bo
   USS Flasher (SSN-613) BBS by R
   USS Hammerhead BBS
   USS Mendel Rivers Message Boar
   USS Philadelphia SSN-690 Commu
   USS Philadelphia SSN-690 Messa
   USS Ray SSN-653 Message Board
   USS Sea Robin SS407 BBS
   USS Seahorse (304/669) Message
   Vets Rollcall Submarine Messag
    Military History
Suggest a link for Military History
   American Memory - Library of Congress
   German Naval History
   INRO International Naval Resea
   Maritime History
   Military Videos
   Momsen Lung
   Naval Historical Center
   Naval History - Chronological
   NavRing - Another history-rela
   NavShips History Ring
   NavSource Naval History
   Royal Navy Ships of World War
   Shokaku: The sinking of, an an
   Submarine C-3
   Submarine Insignia for all Cou
   Submariners Almanac by Jim Chr
   Teacher Oz
   US Army Center of Military His
   US Submarine History by Matt A
    Military Links Pages
Suggest a link for Military Links Pages
   Arlington National Cemetery
   Military -Network.Com
   Military Connection.Com
   Military Funeral Honors
   Military Information Page by J
   Military Street
   The Cargo Letter
Suggest a link for Modeling
   Fine Art Models - Incredible d
   FX Models1
   How To Make Submarines.Net
   International Museum of Plasti
   Mikes Subworks
   Richard Frisch Modeling - Typh
   S44 (SS-155) Project
   Submarine Store - Models
    Nautical Tradition and Lore
Suggest a link for Nautical Tradition and Lore
   Sea Shanties and Sea Songs
    Not Limited to Submarines but Related
Suggest a link for Not Limited to Submarines but Related
   International Shellback.com
   WA3KEY's Submarine Page / Ham
    Nuclear Prototypes
Suggest a link for Nuclear Prototypes
   S1W History and Photos by Mark
    Online Stores / Memorabilia
Suggest a link for Online Stores / Memorabilia
   Battlezone.com (Patches)
   BC Patch
   Bold Military Jewelry
   Canadian Cigar Company
   CardsForSoldiers . Com
   Cool Military.Com
   Cyra Art - Submarine Scrimshaw
   Diver pins (Historical Diving Society)
   Dog Tags On Line
   Fleet Boat Manuals on CD
   Footloose USA - Military and Biker Clothes
   General Dynamics Electric Boat
   McGrogan's Military Patches
   Military Best.Com (patches, ha
   Military Support Bracelets
   Naval Shopping.Com
   Navy Ship Shop.com
   Periscope Films
   Pride Of Service.Com
   Ronny Saxe's Submarine Covers
   Scuba / Hardhat Diver Insignia
   Sew Bee It Embroidery
   Ships Hatch Nautical Gifts
   So Proud - Clothing to Support
   SS Challenge Coins.Com
   Submarine Cutaways (laser cut
   Submarine device collectors
   Submarine Ship's Store
   The Dolphin Store - Bangor WA
   US Medals (and insignia/rates,
   USA Military Medals.Com
   USPT Gear1
   USS Parche Assn Store
   USS Torsk SS-423 Ship's Store
   Vision Strike Wear
   Wooden Submarine Models
   World War II Posters
    Organizations - Submarine Veterans
Suggest a link for Organizations - Submarine Veterans
   International Submariners Orga
   Naval Submarine League
   Navy League of the United Stat
   Submarine Association of Austr
   Submariners Assoc of Canada
   Submariners Association (Barro
   Submariners Association (Dorse
   Submariners Association (Royal
   US Sub Vets of WWII
    Organizations That Help Veterans
Suggest a link for Organizations That Help Veterans
   Asbestos News
   Asbestos.Com - Mesothelioma Info
   DAV - Disabled American Veterans
   Mesothelioma - Asbestos.Net - Mesothelioma Research
   National Coalition for Homeles
   The Kitchen Table Gang
    Personal Sites (other than boat home pages)
Suggest a link for Personal Sites (other than boat home pages)
   Dave Sisson's Up Periscope
   John Przybyla's Chainfall Site
   Larry Smith's Home Port
   Myron Howard's Subs
    Recipes for Navy chow
Suggest a link for Recipes for Navy chow
   Crews Mess on SubmarineSailor.Com
   Naval Historical Center
   Naval Logistics LIbrary
    Service Records / History
Suggest a link for Service Records / History
   National Archives - Online Ser
    Ship Locators
Suggest a link for Ship Locators
   Naval Vessel Register (NVR)
    Shipmate Locators
Suggest a link for Shipmate Locators
   OldOppos (UK)
   On Eternal Patrol dot com
   Ron Martini's Directory of Onl
    Spook Sites
Suggest a link for Spook Sites
   Spook Group
   Were you a SPOOK? If so, go h
    Submarine Amateur Radio Clubs
Suggest a link for Submarine Amateur Radio Clubs
   Amateur Radio on NR-1
   Russian Foxtrot (Seattle) Radi
   SVARA (Sub Vets Amateur Radio
   USS Ling Radio Club NX2ND
   USS Pampanito Amateur Radio Cl
   USS Torsk Radio Club NK3ST
    Submarine Art
Suggest a link for Submarine Art
   Archerfish art by Tom Seagard
   Cyra Art - Submarine Scrimshaw
   Ian Hall - Submarine Prints
   Jack Geng1
   Naval Historical Center: Artwo
   Navy Yard Associates
   NavyDaze by Michael Donnegan
   Roderick Smith
   Ron Harrison Art
   Ship Portraits.com
   Tom Denton - Submarine Art
    Submarine Books
Suggest a link for Submarine Books
   GunDeck.com - Stories from the
   Lost Subs1
   Michael DiMercurio's USSDevilf
   NR1 Book.com
   Of Ice and Steel
   Rising Tide: Russian Submarine
   Rolling Thunder Books
   Savas Beatie Books
   Silent Waters
   Submarine - A book for childre
   Submarine Books . Com
   SubmarineSailor.Com's Books, V
   Torpedo Junction
    Submarine Causes
Suggest a link for Submarine Causes
   Deterrant Park
   The H.L Hunley Web Site
   USS Cavalla SS-244
   USS Cincinatti
   USS Torsk SS-423
    Submarine Games - Computer
Suggest a link for Submarine Games - Computer
   Ed Hobb's Torpedo Game
   Neal Steven's SubSim Review
   Sub Guru.com
   Valor at Sea.Com
    Submarine Graphics/Images/Clip Art
Suggest a link for Submarine Graphics/Images/Clip Art
   Dolphin images at the Goat Locker
   Kev's Submarine Graphics
   Myron Howard's Submarine Deskt
   Submarine sounds from SiD-the
   Submarine WAV files by the Bra
   Titan Pictures (Lego submarine
   Tom Denton's Submarine Waterco
   WWII Posters on OpenStore.com
    Submarine Museums
Suggest a link for Submarine Museums
   Ben Bastura's Submarine Library
   Bowfin Museum and Park
   HMAS Onslow Sydney, Australia
   Independence Seaport Museum (U
   Naval Undersea Museum - Keypor
   New Jersey Naval Museum (USS L
   Royal Navy Submarine Museum
   Save Our Submarines
   St. Mary's Submarine Museum
   Submarine Force Library and Mu
   Submarine Force Museum
   Submarine Force Museum Store
   Submarine Museum at Pearl Harb
   Submarine Museums - US Navy Li
   Submarines Museums dot Org
   United States Shipbuilding Mus
   USS Blueback SS-581 at OMSI in
   USS Cavalla SS-224, Seawolf Pa
   USS Cincinnati SSN 693
   USS Cod SS-224 in Cleveland OH
   USS Growler SSG-577 Submarine
   USS Ling Museum
   USS Lionfish, Battleship Cove,
   USS Requin SS-481 at Carnegie
   Wisconsin Maritime Museum / US
    Submarine Photographs
Suggest a link for Submarine Photographs
   Arctic Submarine Laboratory
   Australian War Memorial Database
   Haze Gray and Underway
   Jim Christley's Submarine Phot
   Kevs Submarine Graphics
   Myron Howard's Nuclear Boat Co
   Myron Howard's Submarine Deskt
   Naval Technology.Com Submarine
   Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Arch
   Royal Navy - Historic Photos
   Royal Navy - Recent Photos
   Seawolf: Submerged Torpedo Sho
   Sub School Class Photos by Gar
   Submarine Photo Archive
   Submarine Stamps
   Submarine World
   Submarines Under Ice (USN)
   US Naval Institute
   US Navy Submarine Photo Archiv
   VADM Yogi and Steve Kaufman
   VADM Yogi Kaufman
    Submarine Rates - Dedicated Pages
Suggest a link for Submarine Rates - Dedicated Pages
   Submarine Navy Cook by Glenn S
   USS Buffalo recipes
    Submarine Specifications / Data
Suggest a link for Submarine Specifications / Data
   Federation of American Scienti
   Fleet Type Submarine Online
   Historic Naval Ships Associati
   Hull Desigations / Designators
   Naval Technology.Com
   NavPers Fleet Type Submarine M
   Navy Ratings
   Ric Hedman's Submarine Silhout
   Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1
   Submarine Blueprints
   The Depth Charge - Canandian W
    Submarine Tattoos and Artists
Suggest a link for Submarine Tattoos and Artists
   Greg Colligan.Com - Artist
    Submarine Tenders
Suggest a link for Submarine Tenders
   Tenders of Holy Loch
   Tommy Duncan's USS Proteus Sit
    Submarine War Patrols and Attacks
Suggest a link for Submarine War Patrols and Attacks
   Sinking the Shokaku
   Submarine Wolfpacks
    Submarine Watering Holes
Suggest a link for Submarine Watering Holes
   Horse and Cow
    Submarine Wives
Suggest a link for Submarine Wives
   CPO Submarine Wives
   I Love My Sailor.Com
   Mrs US Navy
   Silent Ranks
   Solo Ops (for all military wiv
   Steel Roses of the Navy
   Sub Wives1
   Submarine Wives Club
    Submarines - Mothballed/Recycling
Suggest a link for Submarines - Mothballed/Recycling
   Ship/Submarine Recycling Progr
   Submarine Recycling
    Submarines - Non US
Suggest a link for Submarines - Non US
   Australia Submarine Heritage
   Australian Mac Gregory's Web Log
   Australian Submarines
   Australian War Memorial
   Bellona - The Russian Navy
   Blackpool and Fylde Submariners Assn.
   BritSub - British Submarines
   Finnish Submarines
   H.M. Submarine E.2
   Her Majesty's Canadian Submari
   Hr. Ms. Potvis S-804 (Netherla
   Israeli Submarines
   Italian Submarine Navy
   Italy - Subnet Italia
   Royal Navy - WWI Naval History
   Russian Foxtrot Class Photos
   Submarines - Italy
   Submarines - Norway
   Submarines - Norway
   Submarines - Poland - the Orze
   Submarines - Royal Navy
   Submarines - Turkey - The Prev
   Submarines Association Austral
   Submarines of the Great War
   Submarines of the Italian Navy
   Submarinos C3
   The loss of french submarine L
   Turkey - Submarines
    Submarines - US - Broad Coverage
Suggest a link for Submarines - US - Broad Coverage
   Arctic Submarine Laboratory Scrapbook
   C-SPAN's Submarine Community
   DANFS - Dictionary of Naval Fighting Ships
   Don Shelton's Bottom Guns and Targets
   Haze Gray and Underway
   Jim Christley's Old Subs Place
   Jim's Diodon, Submarine(r), Hi
   Neal Steven's Deep Domain
   Ray Plumlees Holy Loch Scotlan
   Regulus Missle Boats
   Ric Hedman's Through the Looki
   Ron Martini's World Submarine
   Sid's Navy Days and More
   Submarine Central
   Submarine Facts
   Submarine Squadron 12 History
   The B-Girls
   The Salty Sailor
   Wikipedia - Submarine History
   Yahoo's sub links
    Submarines Lost - Non US
Suggest a link for Submarines Lost - Non US
   British Submarines of WWII
   Midget Japanese Sub Sunk by US
   National Geographic K-19 Site
   The Kursk - A Tribute
    Submarines Lost - US
Suggest a link for Submarines Lost - US
   COMSUBPAC - 52 Lost Boats of WWII
   National Geographic Major Subm
   On Eternal Patrol
   Peacetime Submarine Accidents
   S-51 Submarine Accident
   Submarine Losses and Accidents
   Subvets WWII Lost Boats Page
   The H.L Hunley Web Site
   Turkish Fleet Sub Dumlupinar (
   U.S.S.. Cochino (SS-345)
   USS Scorpion SSN-589 US Navy P
   USS Squalus - Lane Memorial Li
   USS Squalus - List of Survivor
   USS Squalus - Naval Historical
    Submarines on Display
Suggest a link for Submarines on Display
   Chinese Romeo Class, Qingdao,
   Dutch Zwaardvis class and Walr
   Fins project in Seattle
   HMAS Onslow Sydney, Australia
   HMAS Ovens, Fremantle, Austral
   HMS Alliance, Gosport ,UK
   Juliet-class 484 on display in
   Russian Foxtrot "Cobra" in Sea
   Russian Submarine Scorpion
   Submarines Museums dot Org
   U-475 (Soviet Foxtrot) in Kent
   U-505 Preparation for Display
   USS Albacore
   USS Batfish
   USS Becuna SS-319
   USS Cavalla SS-244
   USS Clamagore at Patriot's Poi
   USS Cobia SS-245 / Wisconsin M
   USS Cod SS-224
   USS Drum SS-228
   USS Ling SS-297 at the New Jer
   USS Marlin SST-2
   USS Marlin SST-2
   USS Pampanito SS-383
   USS Silversides Museum
   USS Torsk SS-423 in Baltimore
   Webtagon's Submarines on Displ
    US Navy / Federal
Suggest a link for US Navy / Federal
   Dept of Defense (DOD) links
   Dolphins - The origin of the insignia
   Mailing addresses (FPOs) for a
   Naval Undersea Warfare Center
   Navy Fact File - Submarines
   Navy News Videos
   Navy Ratings
   Sub Base Bangor
   Submarine Centennial
   The Navy's new NSSN
   Unit Awards and Citations - Al
   US Navy - Latest photos from t
   US Navy Home Page
   US Navy List of Home Ports
   US Navy On LIne
   US Navy On Line - Part II
   US Navy On Line - Part III
Suggest a link for USSVI
   USSVI Batfish Base
   USSVI Bowfin Base
   USSVI Bremerton Base
   USSVI Buffalo Base
   USSVI Capital Base
   USSVI Chesapeake Base
   USSVI Cod Base
   USSVI Columbus Base
   USSVI Crash Dive Base
   USSVI Cyberspace Base
   USSVI Dallas Base
   USSVI Drum Base
   USSVI Escolar Base
   USSVI Groton Base
   USSVI Hampton Roads Base
   USSVI Hawkbill Base
   USSVI Hudson Valley Base
   USSVI Kings Bay Base
   USSVI LA/Pasadena Base
   USSVI Lockwood Internet Base
   USSVI Maine Base
   USSVI Mare Island Base
   USSVI Mid-Atlantic Base
   USSVI Minneapolis/St Paul Base
   USSVI Mobile Bay Base
   USSVI NATIONAL Official Home P
   USSVI Nautilus Base
   USSVI Northern Virginia Base
   USSVI Peoria Base
   USSVI Perch Base
   USSVI Razorback Base
   USSVI Reading Base
   USSVI San Diego Base
   USSVI Seattle Base
   USSVI Smokey Mountain Base
   USSVI Snug Harbor Base
   USSVI South Texas Base
   USSVI Souther Tier - New York
   USSVI Tarheel Base
   USSVI Thresher Base
   USSVI Topeka-Jefferson City Ba
   USSVI Tri-State Base (Waynebor
   USSVI Triton Base
   USSVI Wahoo Base
   USSVI Western Lake Superior Ba
   USSVI Yakima Base

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