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Tolling of the Boats - Seattle - 2003
On Saturday, September 20th 2003, USSVI Seattle Base hosted an exceptional Tolling of the Boats ceremony on Pier 48 at the Seattle waterfront. The following photographs are courtesy of Al Rieboldt.

Master Chief Francis, Cliff Nutter USSVI D9

Shari Bitcon (piper, honorary Seattle Base member), unknown piper, Dave Davis
(bugler, American Legion) and seated is Tracy Gresham, BM2/SW


Others at the Ceremony:

Other sideboys include:

Thomas Telquist, BM2/SW,
Matthew Hornbacker, MS2/SS,
David Holmes, MS2/SS,
Eric Robert, MS2/SS,
Cary Schiff, MS3/SS.

Ms. Kirstin Opple, Singer