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Wednesday, 8 April 1942

Zone Description -8 REMARKS

00 to 03.
Underway independently on assigned duty on course 319 True, at standard speed 13.5 knots, on #3 and 4 main engines. 0044 C/c to 340 True. 0134 C/c to 000 True. 0228 Passed Cobra Island light abeam to starboard. 0250 C/c to 030 True.

N. G. Ward,
Lieutenant, U.S. Navy.

03 to 06.
Underway as before. 0348 Sighted enemy destroyer bearing 315 True, distance about 5 miles. C/c to 315 True. 0352 Held stations for night torpedo attack; commenced steering various courses at various speeds to carry out attack. 0355 Submerged on course 310 True. 0358 Held battle stations submerged. 0435 rigged ship for depth charge attack. 0527 Secured from depth charge attack. 0531 Secured from battle stations submerged. 0545 C/c to 072 True.

F. P. Hoskins
Lieutenant (jg) D-V(G) USNR.

06 to 09.
Underway submerged as before. 0805 Sighted enemy destroyer bearing 352 True, distant 13,000 yards. 0810 C/c to 060 True. 0849 C/c to 050 True.

C. S. Manning, Jr.,
Lieutenant, U. S. Navy.

09 to 12.
Underway submerged as before. 1024 C/c to 060 True. 1140 C/c to 070.

C. K. Miller
Lieutenant (jg), U. S. Navy

12 to 15

Underway submerged as before. 1315 C/c to 080 True.

F. P. Hoskins
Lieutenant (jg), D-V(G) USNR

15 to 18
Underway submerged as before. 1610 C/c to 090 True. 1721 C/c to 081 True. 1800 C/c to 060 True.

C. S. Manning, Jr.,
Lieutenant, U. S. Navy.

18 to 21
Underway submerged as before. 1835 C/c to 090 True. 1844 Circling with 15 degree right rudder. 1903 Surfaced. 1908 Started #3 main engine on propulsion. 1911 Started #1 and 4 main engine on battery charge. 1930 Exchanged calls with rendezvous vessel. 1935 Various courses and speeds following escort vessel through Manila Bay mine field. 2047 Moored portside to U. S. Pigeon.

N. G. Ward,
Lieutenant, U.S. Navy.

21 t0 24.
Moored as before.

2105 Commenced unloading provisions to Pigeon.

2120 Received the following four (4) officers and nineteen (19) men as passengers to Fremantle, Australia: Col. G. S. Clarke, Inf., USA; Lieut. J. M. Lietwiler, USN; Lieut. R. L. Taylor, USN; Ens. R. E. Cook, C-v(S), USNR; J.W. Lowery, CMM(PA), USN; A. Novak, CRM(PA), USN; S.A. Burnett, CRM(PA), USN; A. H. Geiken, CRM(PA), USN; C. H. Jackson, CRM(PA), V-3, USNR; J. H. Gelineau, CRM(AA), USN; J. L. McConnel, CRM(AA(, USN; H. G. Sweet, RM1c, USN; D. L. King, RM1c, USN; W. S. Knowles , RM1c, USN; G. O. Carnes, RM1C, USN; A. R. Irving, RM1c, USN; W. A. Rickman, RM2c, V-3, USNR; J. E. Chamberlin, CY(PA); J. E. Kephart, Y1c, USNR (V-3); E. F. Gaghen, CY(AA), USN; H. R. Gould, Y2c, USN; H. F. Price, Y1c, USN; W.A. Smith, MM1c, USN (Stowaway).

2125 Stopped unloading provisions.

2129 Got underway in compliance with verbal orders from COMSIXTEEN to clear Corregidor area, steering various courses at various speeds to clear mine field.

2214 Left mine field on course 220 True, at 12.5 knots (230 rpm), on main engines Nos. 3 and 4.

2240 C/c to 240 True. 2330 Secured battery charge. 2350 C/c to 270 True.

F. P. Hoskins
Lieutenant (jg), D-V(G) USNR

N. G. Ward,
Lieutenant, USN

W. E. Ferrall
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy