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Bring Enough Clothes
byYN3/SS Peter C. Hipple - USS SAN JUAN SSN 751

Well I've only been on board 8 months at the time we were heading to portsmouth naval shipyard for a overhaul. I was packin the morning of our underway that "its just a day and a half trip I wont need my clothes because im comin back to CT to get my stuff" what a dummy!
We were briefed at the piloting brief that hurricane dennis was off the coast of the carolinas and was makin the sea rough! My first watch I had the lookout. Once we got out of the sound it started getting rough! Seas had such a chop to them and it was spraying at us in the bridge. Then as we headed out further we were getting doused. Full waves gettin us and it was crazy. After 3 hours the OOD asked for the messenger to change out lookouts. I came down and finished the watch walkin around like a sponge.
That nite after dinner and cleanup I had to dry my clothes in my boxers. I was so cold I wrapped a CPO spread around me. I didnt care for guys teasing me in just my boxers. So since I've brought plenty of clothes for any occassion.