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Chief Duck
Thomas Keheley

When I reported aboard Lapon (SSN-661) the COB was named Donald Duck. I came on board with another nuke that had red hair. When we came down the ladder, Chief Duck was there to meet us, "I'm Donald Duck, Chief of the Boat." I always studdered, so before I could get anything out, the other nuke said,"Hi, I'm Minnie Mouse." Chief Duck looked him square in the eye and said, "If that ain't the name on them orders you'ld better start growing ears and a tail, A*&^!@#." From that day forth, the other nuke was known as "Redworm."
Chief Duck always stood diving officer with a rubber Donald Duck squeak toy in his pocket. If the helmsman or planesman was off depth of course, everyone in control knew it because they could hear the squeak as he hit the offender with that duck.
I sure hated to see him leave the boat. He was tough, but fair. When I left to go to Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) I was first sent to AC&R school in Norfolk. When I walked in, there was this cute young secretary sitting behind her desk. I walked up, gave her my orders, and told her my name, still studdering. Out of the Enlisted Director's office a voice boomed "Keheley, you son of a #$%@!^&, hasn't the navy taught you how to talk yet?" There was Chief Duck. We had a dungaree inspection there, and an Ensign told me to get rid of my Lapon Dolphin belt buckle and put on a standard issue brass buckle. Chief Duck told him,"Sir, I was there when he was given that buckle, and if he takes it off I'll kick his ass." The Ensign dropped it.
I wonder where he is now...