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Kill Us Twice
by Michael Dunn

From the look out station of the USS Flying Fish, SSN-673, on the surface in the Mediteranean Sea.

I was being trained as a lookout by Petty Officer Rick Harris. He was going thru angles on the bow and that sort of thing with me and managed to miss seing a aircraft approaching our sub from about a 1 o'clock off the bow. The captain who was standing in front of us turned around and immediately berated Petty Officer Harris for failing to report the contact to him, " Petty Officer Harris as far as you know that plane could have killed us all!".

Rick went silent and started to explain more details about standing the watch. Meanwhile the plane has passed overhead and was making a turn in the distance and was heading back to the plane.

Rick reported the contact to the captain who was rather incredulous, "damnit Petty Officer Harris, I already know about that contact". To which Rick calmy replied, "I didnt want him to kill us twice sir".