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Mexican Bean Bomb
by Jim Hursey ETCS(SS) USN RET

One evening on the Oly (SSN 717), I was giving the Diving Officer a piss call. We were just coming off station in the SOJ, after a pretty good run. We were transiting deep when all at once; WHAMMM!! A hell of an explosion from somewhere down below.

This was cause for some concern, as we were sitting two decks above a torpedo room full of warshots. The OOD ordered 125 ft., and I brought her up smartly, as well as sounding the General Alarm. As we leveled off, the OOD was franticly trying to find out what had happened when the CO's voice came over the 4MC, "Secure from the casualty. Gentlemen, we have just suffered an attack from the infamous Mexican Bean Bomb. No damage, except for the Cook's pride."

It seems that one of the cooks told a messcook to heat up a couple of #10 cans of beans for Midrats. The guy had put them in the oven, UNOPENED! There was some damage, the doors were blown off the oven and the thing was warped so bad, we had to get a new one.