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The Package 

by CWO2 Ronald F Banks

Well, This happened back in 1987 the height of cold war top secret-ness. Something that doesn't seem to happen anymore.

My wife very dedicated to making sure I got all my family grams and mail drops worked outside the home. We lived in Seabeck and she commuted to Seattle everyday. She got a call that there was to be a mail drop but it had to be at the OCAB before 6pm that same night to go out the next morning. Now since she didn't get home until after 9pm and had to be back on the ferry at 6am there was no way the package was going out so she took the package with my "mail drop goodies" in it dolled the envelope up with stickers and such to make sure I got a hard time from the guys and leaned it against the door to the OCAB so it would be found first thing in the morning and hopefully make it out with the drop. She went home and went to bed.

The first call came around 10:30 from the Phone Company Operator, who left a message on the machine. Our home number was unlisted and no one could find it easily.

Second call from the base Security Commander

Third call from the Base Commander

Fourth call from PNW Commanding Officer.... All leaving messages to call the base IMMEDIATELY!

She slept through all the calls... Got up the next morning and got ready for work. Just before she left she saw the flashing light and listened to the messages. Scared that the boat had sunk she returned the last call only to find out it was to late.......The bomb squad from base had "captured the package" and blown it to smithereens! Devastated that I would think she had forgotten me she made the Base Commander promise to send me a gram letting me know what had happened to my package.

Published April, 2005