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Memorial Day 2004 - Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent Washington
Subvets and families attending this well-done ceremony under dramatic skies. Some of the attendees included: Ric Hedman, Charlie Ryan, Don Gentry, Pat & Debbie Householder, Cliff & Jo Nutter, Ted and Loma Taylor, Robbie and Teri Robertson, Jerry and Edna Jonason, Jim Hafeley - SVWWII, Karl & Barbara Krompholz, Bob and Chris Opple and from South Sound Base, Ray  Stewart.

Attendance was good!

Charlie Ryan and Jim Hafeley ready to carry the USSVI and SubVets WWII flags.

Don Gentry and Ric Hedman carry the corresponding US Flags.

Gentry and Hedman stay in step (not for long :-)

Charlie Ryan just prior to posting colors.

Seattle Base CDR Bob Opple was the keynote speaker of the ceremony and did us ALL proud with a powerful speech.

Bob Opple at the podium doing what he does so well.