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In Memoriam - Sailor, Rest Your Oar

Lost Harbor
by Leslie Nelson Jennings
There is a port of no return, where ships
May ride at anchor for a little space
And then, some starless night, the cable slips,
Leaving an eddy at the mooring place . . .
Gulls, veer no longer. Sailor, rest your oar.
No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.
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Brief Notices

Brief notice section

WWII Legends / Special Note


Beach, Captain Edward "Ned"

Enright, Captain Joseph

Street, Captain George

Folta, Captain George "Igloo" W.


Allen, George E "Woodie" EM3(SS)

Anderson, Authur M.

Boughton, Peter D. MM2(SS)

Brutzman, Warren Robert "Bob" or "Brutz" EM3(SS)   
R. Scott Brutzman, Brother

Burns, William RMC(SS)

Casey, Bob "Lion Keeper"

Chaffin, Mike "Blade" MM1(SS)   
      by Jeff Moreau

Cheesman, Dallas (WWII Veteran)
       by Cora

Dedmon, Wendell
       by Bill Hollaway

Deitz, Richard ("Dick")
       by Ed Ruth, LCDR, USN

Deitz, Richard ("Dick")
       by Rick Deitz, Son

Durling, Ron
       by Ron Durling Jr., Son

Enskat, Richard L (I) 
      by Richard L Enskat II (son)

Greenwalt, Robert "Snake" 
      by Oliver Davenport

Gillaspie, Conrad - Master Chief/COB 
      by LG Reynolds

Harms, Clifford A.  EN3/SS
      by Bob Harms, Son

Hobson, Ron - MMC(SS) 
by Eldon C. Peck

Hobson, Ron - MMC(SS) 
by SL King

Kay, Edmond
     by Jim Rogers

Koster, Jim
     by Gil Raynor

Krawczyk, John
     by David R. Ross

Kuenneke, Charles F. EMCM/SS
     by IT1/SS George Kuenneke (son)

Luntsford, Jack Edward. - MMC(SS) 
      by Sid Harrison

Marvin "Pappy" LaCoy. - CS1(SS) 
      by Gregory K. LaCoy (Son)

McGordy, John E. - TM3(SS) 
by Neil J. Logue Jr

McLaughlin, Gary - QM3(SS)
      by Jim Rogers

O'Neill, Edmond A. "Skip"
      by Edmond J. O'Neill (Son)

Pardy, James - MMCM(SS)
      by Cindy Pardy (Daughter).

Patterson, Gary L. - ETCM(SS)
       by Ramon Samson

Pleau, Robert Allen - Master Chief (SS)
      Virginian Pilot Obituary

Rohrbacher, V.H.  GMC/SS 
      by Lu Alderette 

Schaffer, Martin F.
by M&C Wilson EMCM(SS)

Schuster, Alfred
by Neil Logue Jr.

Shultz, Jay
      by Mark Shultz (Grandson)

Strang, Norm
      by Ramon Samson and others

Thibault, John M, TMCM(SS)
      by Bruce W. Cosby, LT, USN(ret)

Thompson, Nathaniel Elton "Buck" (lost aboard Trigger)
      by Alan S. Davis (Nephew)

Ullman, Alfred (lost aboard Grunion)
      by George Herold


Arrington, Robert A. Captain USN

Bills, Robert (CO of Sealion and Torsk) 

Coye, John "Jack" Rear Adm USN

Hingson, James M. Capt. USN 

Lowman, RW Capt. USN

McPherson, Howard LCDR USN

Mortrud, David L.

Spoon, Willie, Lt. USN 

Van Horn, Vic  LTJG USN

Submarine Friends

Bastura, Ben

Casey, Bob "Lion Keeper"

Harrison, Robert Lee (Bob)

Varnik, Joe


USS Scorpion SSN-589

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