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Russian B-39 Foxtrot in Seattle - School of the Boat Photo
Series One: Forward Torpedo Room (Compartment No. 1)
#113 is of Port side, shows the Forward Freon Fire Station. The two red tanks contain the Freon. The horizontal manifold above it has the valves to the compartments. From left, Transfer to aft station, Compt. 3, Compt. 2, Compt. 1. The blue tank behind #1 valve is the charge to eject the freon. The black valve just to the right of valve #1 is Diesel Fuel Tank Supply, the very forward one, but it's called Tank #2. The black oval handle to the right of that is the vent valve for the tank. The diesel valves are duplicated on Starboard side, tying together in the overhead. The red valve between the Supply and Vent valves is the Main Air Flask #1 valve. Duplicated on STBD side, ties together in the overhead. The small light blue valve between the Air valve and the interphone is a supply point from the pressurized Distilled Water Tank on line, either 1 or 2. The black valve in lower left is supposed to be GREEN, salt water, feeds into the top of the Pyro locker in case of problems. The vertical portion of the WRT is visible to the right of the interphone.

Series One - Fwd Torpedo Room Navigation:
113: Fwd Freon Fire Station, Port 114: Fwd Torp Rm, Port
115: Fwd Torp Rm, Ovhd 116: Fwd Torp Rm, Stbd
117: Fwd Torp Rm Racks, Stbd 118: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Area, Port
119: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Breech Doors 120: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Bulkhead
121: Fwd Torp Rm Main Vent Actuator 122: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Port Corner

Photos and text compiled by Dave Goodson, Chief of the Boat - Main Menu